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Make Yourself a Priority Mama

As women, we are so ingrained to do everything ourselves. We believe that we must be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, the perfect friend, the perfect employee or the perfect business owner who can do it all. And on top of that we must be in a perfect shape, off course. Somewhere along the way, we forget about ourselves. We give it to everyone else and end up an emotional burn-outs instead of the woman we’re meant to be.

Especially us mums… When you just had a baby, the reality of your days may be far from what you have expected. It is unpredictable; often the day is not going to go by exactly how you planned it. You may want to lose that baby weight and start exercising, but you have no idea how to do that. When and where to train and what’s even more important how to find energy and TIME to do so…

I get it, I know how BUSY, TIRING and OVERWHELMING being a MUM is, especially when you’ve just had your first baby. I’m the one myself. It’s a giant roller coaster; one moment you’re feeling you’re on top of the world and the next moment you’re crying your eyes out feeling completely powerless! You look after your little baby but you have no time and energy to look after yourself…

Let me ask you:

  • How many times have you been putting yourself last, looking after everyone around you but yourself?
  • How many times you wanted to look after yourself and your body but never really had time to do so?
  • How many times have you said: “I’ll start tomorrow” only to find out that tomorrow never comes?

You know what…they say, “you cannot pour from an empty cup”, so if you don’t look after yourself, sooner or later you won’t be able to serve the loved ones around you. There is a reason why all airlines ask you to put your oxygen mask first before you put one on your child.

Let me tell you this: If something is important to you, you will make time for it. And your health and well-being must be in your top 5 priorities. You need to make healthy eating habits and physical activity part of your life; it’s not either or, it’s not a hobby, it’s your responsibility Mama.

Active lifestyle doesn’t need to end when you have a baby. Eating healthy and exercising is not only important but crucial for your physical, mental and emotional sanity. When you look after yourself, you will not only look better, you will feel better, you will find your confidence back, and you will be ready to rock the world. You will be the best role model for your child and the strong foundation for your entire family.

Happy Mama = Happy Child

When is now, better time to finally do something for yourself?

You are worth living the life you want, you are worth having the body you want, you are worth being the best version of yourself and the best role model for the ones around you.

Make Yourself a Priority Mama to be:
* FIT mummy who loves her body and is able to fit in that favourite jeans
* HAPPY mummy who enjoys doing something for herself without feeling remorse
* CONFIDENT mummy, who knows how to combine healthy lifestyle with motherhood without turning your life upside down
* HEALTHY mummy who is a role model to you little one/ones and the entire family

No excuses Mama, YOU need to start living the life you want and deserve NOW instead of waiting for the “Perfect” moment.

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How to pick yourself up when your confidence hits rock bottom?

Last year, I was dismissed from my job in a way that I would never want anyone to go through… One day I was respected by a company and the second day I was told: “you’re leaving NOW, we’ll get a taxi to take you home”.
When I was saying good bye to my employees they had tears in their eyes, they couldn’t believe it…

My life stopped.

Quickly after that I started a new job and thought it was a dream come true. It wasn’t. Not only it was completely not my cup of tea, it knocked down my self-worth to the level that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning.

One day they told me that our cooperation wasn’t working and on that very same afternoon I went through a traumatic miscarriage of our second baby that we’ve been trying for, for over a year.

My life stopped again.

My confidence went even lower…not only I was rubbish at work, my business at that time wasn’t making any money, I felt like a failure as a woman and as a mother…

Within 5 weeks, we packed our 8 years of life in London and came to our home country Poland. For me to heal.

And then I got a diagnosis of avascular necrosis of femoral head… which simply meant that I had to walk with crutches and can forget about any type of sport for a loooong time, with running most likely forever…

Me – sporty one, who was running with buggy, motivating people to be active, planning to complete 6 World Marathon Majors, with a ballot place for Chicago marathon this October…
It was devastating news for me.
My healthy image collapsed… how can I even continue with my business Active Happy Mama now?

My life stopped again.

Was scheduled for operation but it couldn’t happen, as it turned out that I was pregnant, again…not for long though, ended up in a hospital with ectopic pregnancy…


My life stopped again, for the 5th time…

I had enough. It wasn’t fair. How can one person go through so much in such a short period of time…?


In the middle of it all, I started to really look after myself and prioritizing myself. Listening to my body and my heart, working with energy, shifting my mindset, implementing new habits that were serving me.

I made a decision to truly love myself and to believe that whatever life throws at me, good or bad, I’m able to cope with. I trusted the Universe. Even though I still didn’t understand it.

And everything changed.

With crutches, I started teaching English. Helping people prepare for job interviews, helping Polish coaches improve their English, so they can start working with foreign clients. I got more and more clients week after week.

With crutches, I rebranded my business completely and started helping others improve their self-worth and confidence, so they can become unstoppable in all areas of their lives. Sharing the work that helped me change my life. And the clients started to come.

I went from hitting rock bottom in terms of my confidence level to moving to Spain, which is a dream come true, rebranding my business, starting a new one, and creating a lifestyle that I can work from anywhere in the world.

And, within 3 months from walking out of hospital, one week, I literally doubled my income. DOUBLED. And it keeps growing.

So, what I’ve learnt on my journey… how can you pick yourself up from hitting a rock bottom with your confidence…


Really look after yourself and prioritize yourself.

In the middle of my traumatic experiences I started listening to my body and my heart, working with energy, shifting my mindset, implementing new habits that were serving me. I made a decision to truly love myself and to believe that whatever life throws at me, good or bad, I’m able to cope with. And everything changed.

Yes, looking after yourself and prioritizing yourself is crucial. Miracles will start to happen. If you don’t look after yourself, no one will. Sooner or later you won’t be able to look after the ones around you. Put your oxygen mask on first. As you’re so worth it.


Your number #1 priority is to feel good. Do what you feel like, even if it’s not logical.

Feeling good in every moment of your life is crucial. Make it your priority. Really. When you feel good, you change the vibration in your body and you start emitting the frequency of happiness. In turn, you become a magnet, attracting more things to your life that will make you feel happy too.

Let me give you an example. Couple of weeks ago I was a bit stressed about money, things were not working out the way I wanted them to be.

So, I put a hand on my heart asking what to do. The answer was “Go for a swim”. What? My son is in the kindergarten, so I “should” work on my business.

But I decided to listen and went for a swim. It felt sooooo good. I was relaxed, I was happy, I was grateful, I felt blessed. I did that for few days in a row. And you know what happened? Clients and money started to come my way. I literally got messages for clients to work with me when I was in that swimming pool. And that week my income doubled. DOUBLED. By me feeling good and doing what wasn’t logical…

But it was needed and it shifted the flow of energy in my body for amazing things to come.


Listen to your heart, to your soul, to your intuition. Don’t listen to your mind. Your mind is stupid. Listen to your heart. Your heart knows.

Really, when you feel stuck, when you don’t know what to do, put a hand on your heart and ask for an answer. You’ll get it. Sometimes it may seem completely illogical (as with my swimming) but your heart knows. When we ignore our heart, our intuition, when we decide to listen to our mind and do what we “should”, often times it doesn’t work. Everything is energy and in order for the energy to flow, there has to be a flow. Sometimes we need to unlock something in one area of our life in order for the things to start flowing in another one.


I’m a big fan of manifestation. Knowing exactly what you want, saying it out loud into the Universe, and believing that it will come your way.

And then just trust and wait for the miracles to happen.

Don’t question it. Don’t be impatient. Everything happens exactly in the right moment for you. I know, I know, most of the time we want it here and there, but trust me, it will come to you when it’s meant for you. And not necessarily in the way you were thinking.


You never know who is watching. For me, sharing my story took months. I needed to work it through myself.

But that’s not the whole truth.

I believe that I was ready to share it much earlier than I actually did.

So, why didn’t I share it earlier?

Because I was afraid.

Afraid what other people would think of me.

Afraid that people may say that I shouldn’t share such personal and painful events from my life with others on social media.

Afraid that my “perfect” image can collapse. After all people have always known me for the one who is always successful, confident one, who is always positive and happy. Right? So, how can I be vulnerable…

This is BS, it’s only in our heads. Being the real you is what people want, this is what attracts people your way.

Let me repeat this, you never know who is watching.

You can inspire more people than you can imagine. After sharing my story, I started getting messages from people that I haven’t spoken with for years, that my story moved them, inspired them and was a turning point in their life…

So, think about who you can move, who you can inspire, who you can help, who can benefit from you sharing your story. Focus on your message and how it can impact the world.

So, my dear, if I could use the lemons life was throwing my way to make a lemonade, maybe you can make one for yourself too?

I believe in you and wish you all the happiness in the world <3

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What I Feel Like Saying On My Birthday

It’s my birthday 🙂

I love birthdays, I love spending this time with people I love, recieving calls, messages, letters, gifts from my family and friends, this is the day when I feel really special and I believe everyone loves feeling this way.
When I was thinking about what post to write on this occassion, many ideas came to my mind. But there was one that was the strongest, the one I wanted to touch on for a while, the one that is the most important at the moment.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my wonderful parents.

This one is huge, we often take things for granted, we often disagree with our parents, we often argue with them or we may even not talk to them because of “something happened”. But really, regardless what type of relation we have with our parents at present, these 2 people are the ones who gifted us with the miracle of life.
I’m so grateful to my parents that they met, fell in love, got married and had me as their child. Thanks to them I have the opportunity to be in this world and enjoy all the wonderful things it has to offer. Thanks to them I’m seeing wonderful places, meeting amazing people, doing extraordinary things, experiencing adventures that will stay with me forever  ❤️

Since I was a little girl, I loved singing, dancing and performing. I was the star of the show at every family party, entertaining everyone whether they wanted it or not…;) no fears, no confidence issues, I was just going for it, doing what I ‘loved.
My parents always let me express myself and sent me to school where I was a part of dancing group “Pedziwiatry“. That was the best decision ever and I’m forever grateful for this. Not only was I singing, dancing and performing, I traveled around Poland and Europe, met wonderful friends and had such a joyfull childhood. I believe that spending 10 of my early years with “Pedziwiatry” had a huge impact of who I’m now, what I love doing and what’s important to me  ❤️

Yes, that’s true, since I was 5 I was always going to summer and winter holidays. I’ve seen so many places, I’ve learned to be independent, increased my confidence and belief in myself and what I can accomplish. I’m sure that helped me shape my personality and had a massive impact on who I’m today  ❤️

Some of your friends you met when you were kids and you still keep those friendship. I’ve always admired you for this. I treat them all as our family. You’ve always have so much fun together and I love having a party with you all. It’s amazing that uncles and aunties I remember since my early childhood were dancing at my wedding and they keep dancing with my son now. You showed me what friends for life really mean  ❤️


When I was 6 years old, my sister was born. I’m forever grateful for having her in my life, I love her to bits. She is my soulmate, my partner in crime, the one who knows me inside out, the one I share the best inside jokes ever with, the only person I don’t need to explain our crazy family to. I cannot imagine growing up as the only child. Why I feel so grateful for having a sister, you can read in HERE. I also plan to have the sibling for Kuba to let him experience the power of having brother or sister  ❤️

I remember you saying “things you buy may not last long but places you see will stay with you forever“. That’s why I love travelling so much. You always found money for me to be able to travel. Thanks to you I had the opportunity to see amazing places, tasting variety of cuisines, meeting wonderful people, discovering how wonderful this world is. When I said that I’m moving to another country, you were not really surprised  that much  ❤️

Even though not always you agreed with my choices, you’ve never forced me doing it your way. You let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. You let me make my own decisions, even though your heart was saying the other way. You always believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. Your trust and support is so much appreciated  ❤️

You’ve always told me to respect teachers and focus on my education. You’ve paid for all extra courses I wanted to undertake, for my English lessons and now I’m living in English speaking country and having Active Happy Mama business in English… You’ve always told me to work with 100% commitment and do what I love doing. You’ve always told me to respect money and be grateful for everything I already have  ❤️

I know that I can always count on you regardless of how small or how big the issue is. You’ve been there for me with my ups and downs, when I was smiling and when I was crying, when I succeeded and when I failed, when I wanted advice and when I wanted to be left alone…I know that if I call you in the middle of the night, you will come running   ❤️

You’ve been waiting for grandkids for quite a while, so when Kuba was born, you’ve just gone crazy. You love him so much and he loves you back. Watching the interactions you have with him melts my heart every time  ❤️

I want to say that YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST, I love you to the moon and back and I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done and still doing for me. I heard this quote from my friend earlier this year and this is what I want to say:



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What Have I Learnt By Not Reaching My Goals

At the end of the year, together with hubby we do a summary of the passing year and we set up goals for the New one. Then we create a vision board that’s put in our bedroom, so we can see it every day. It works!! This year, however, I must admit that I haven’t reach quite a few of my goals for 2018.

How come? Why? Reflection came in together with lessons.

So, what have I learnt by not reaching my goals:


There’re things in life that you have no control of and changing that is not an option. Not accomplishing that goal may feel like a failure but really, it’s not. Last year I set up a goal to become UK Asics Frontrunner, tens of thousands of applications, only handful of places, mine was strong (my opinion of course !!) but I wasn’t chosen. Was that a failure? I thought so. But really, what influence did I have to make it? None. I could have cried, asking why this is happening to me or being pissed off, blaming the world for not being fair. But I have chosen to believe that it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t define me as a person. It was a dream really, rather than a goal.

So, set up goals that you can have an impact on.


Thinking big, going outside your comfort zone – yes, I’m all about that. But setting up A LOT of massive goals without taking into account your current lifestyle is setting yourself up for a failure. I’m very well organised, can cope with multiple projects at the same time, however for 2018 I put A LOT of big things on my plate. It was physically impossible to accomplish them all alongside family, full time job, building a business, going through intense coaching program, training, travels and more. There are only 24 hours in a day. Maximizing your time is important however there’s a limit of what you can and can’t do. Feeling like a hamster in the wheel, being busy versus being productive, burn out, sickness…that’s what follows.

So, when setting up a goal, think about how much time and effort your goal will require from you. Be honest. Make sure it fits into your current lifestyle and that’s doable without compromising your health and time with your loved ones.


Laser focus on what you REALLY WANT and doing something towards that goal will bring results. By looking at 10 different directions, constantly being distracted, there’s no way to succeed. The Universe doesn’t really know what you want and is confused on how to help you. Focus, discipline and determination will take you where you want to go. Get in line and stay in line – as Keith Cunningham – amazing business mentor is saying. Oftentimes it won’t be easy, it won’t be smooth but if you want to succeed in one area you need to stay in the same line till the end. When you jump into a different line, you will be at the end of the queue again.

So, when setting up a goal, make sure you focus on it 100%.


We think that we know what’s best for us all the time, we make plans, set up goals and decide on the exact steps on how to reach them. However, we never see a full picture, we don’t know what can happen just around the corner, that Universe may have a different plan for us. Oftentimes things don’t go the way we want them to, we get frustrated, but after all, it turns out it was all for the better. Also, there’s not just one way to get where you want to go. I wanted to give birth to our second child, didn’t sign up for any marathons as I was supposed to be pregnant. Well, I wasn’t…months of trying and nothing, becoming a mummy didn’t quite happen for me overnight during the first pregnancy too (this is actually a subject for another post). But if I was pregnant, we would not be able to go to Brazil (especially with the stories about Zika virus that I had no idea about…) and experience so many amazing adventures and connect with so many wonderful people. The Universe knew better the moment we got that invite for the wedding of our friends in Brazil at the beginning of the year. And it was meant to be.

So, set up a goal, send the intention to the Universe, work towards that goal but don’t push it too much. Trust the process, allow the Universe to help you.


I asked myself why do I think I haven’t achieved some of my goals for 2018? The answer was obvious – I didn’t do much to accomplish them. If I was putting some effort every single day, I would make them happen. Plain and simple. So, the second question was why I set up goals that I was not committed to? Hmmm, these goals were not so important, were not live or die for me. Not reaching them was not a big deal. Really.

So, think about what you truly WANT, not what looks great on the vision board. And commit to it. When you’re committed you cut out all the other options but making that happen, it’s non-negotiable.

I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason, even if it’s stressful and nasty at times, it’s for a reason. Looking at 2019 and setting up my goals for this year I keep these lessons in my heart. I’m going to make better choices, smarter goals, making sure that 2019 will be the best of my life.

How about you? Are you going to make 2019 the best year of your life? Please do. You only have one life, you truly deserve to have the best one.

This article was featured in Thrive Global – check it out.


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Mum, Baby and a Six Pack

You’re a mother. 9 months pregnancy, followed by a childbirth and now, you’re holding your little angel in your arms. Completely new situation to you, new reality, new responsibilities and so many insecurities whether you can handle it or not. You’re a first-time mother with no experience with babies whatsoever. But you go with the flow, you manage to survive and your little one seems like she/he is surviving too. After few weeks you feel something is missing. You feel lonely, you feel bored, you feel like you’re doing same thing over and over again wondering whether your life would always look this way?

But you keep quiet. You don’t want to say it out loud worrying that people may judge you for being a bad mother. After all, you love your child to bits. Right?

But still, something is missing, and something is not feeling right…What’s missing is having some time for yourself, some ME time on your own. What’s not feeling right is you not feeling good in your own body, as come on, you’re not pregnant anymore but you still look like you’re. You want to start exercising and getting your body back. You want to be back doing the things you loved doing before having a baby and getting your life back. So, you start looking for ways on how to make it possible.

And then you start, slowly but surely and you begin feeling amazing again. You do your workout, you go to the gym, you take on running, you buy a jogging stroller and start training for a race. Your training schedule is quite demanding, you’re breastfeeding, not sleeping through the night and oftentimes you feel really tired. But you still enjoy it though. Physical activity makes you feel happy, that is you being in your zone, that is you doing what you love doing and that is your time when you can get rid of all the frustrations and challenges of motherhood. So, you stay disciplined, you stay committed, regardless how difficult it may be, how much you need to push yourself to be able to accomplish your goal.

And then results start showing up. You’re losing that baby weight. You start seeing that six pack again. You’ve completed that half-marathon or a marathon and your little one is with you on your picture with a medal. Only you know how challenging that was but also how needed that was for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You feel on top of the world.

There’re people who look at you with respect, they support you and they cheer on you.  

But also, there’re people who don’t. People who think that you’re selfish, that you’re a bad mother, that you lost your mind and that you need to be having a serious conversation with someone “sensible” who’s going to tell you how you SHOULD behave. And sadly, these people are often mothers themselves…

Because, let’s be honest…

This is not NORMAL to be completing a marathon months after having a baby.

This is not NORMAL to be running with a buggy.

This is not NORMAL to have a six pack quickly after giving birth.

This in not NORMAL to look great and feel amazing as opposed to be totally exhausted and drained.

What is NORMAL… is that as a mother you SHOULD/MUST behave in a certain way. Should and must made by society, culture, religion or someone’s opinion… as a mother you have all those obligations and you’re not allowed to think differently. You should look after the baby, you should look after the husband, you should look after the house, you should look after everyone around you but yourself. It’s a badge of honour to do everything on your own, not asking for help, pretending that you even enjoy it.

How dare you want to have time on your own when your baby needs you 24/7?

How dare you go out doing something that you want, that gives you pleasure when there’s that little human being relying on you?

How dare you fancy exercising and losing that baby weight when it’s normal and even expected to be overweight after having a child?


I’ve said this before and will repeat it over and over again – if you don’t look after yourself first, sooner or later you won’t be able to look after the ones around you. Why all airlines ask you to put your oxygen mask on first? That’s obvious, that is normal, and everyone is ok with that.

So why it’s not normal when mother wants to have some ME time?

Why it’s not normal when mother wants to go out for a run?

Why it’s not normal when mother wants to exercise, look good and feel great in her body?

Why it’s not normal when mother wants to follow her passion and go for her dreams?

Is she still not the same woman she was before she had a baby?

Has she changed as a person and has no life, no ambitions, no passions, no interests outside of being a mother anymore?

That’s absurd.

Is anyone asking daddy what happens to a baby when he’s working, when he’s playing football, training at the gym or when he’s going out with his peers? No, no one even questions it.

So, why people are having a go at a mother who has her passion, her dreams, her business, and who is organizing her life to make it work.

They don’t know how challenging that may be.

They don’t know how hard she’s been working to make her goal a reality.

They don’t know how much happier as a mother, as a woman and as a person she feels thanks to doing so.

This is insane that in XXI century we have a culture focusing so much on mother’s belly. First, when she gets pregnant, there’re comments whether she’s not too big or not too small, whether she would be able to lose that weight after or not. I love the way Anna from My Baby Care talks about it in her post: My Pregnancy Body Shaming Story. She stresses how one random comment can change the whole perception of a body for a new mum to be. And what consequences that may have. When that mother finally has her adorable baby, there’re comments whether she can train or not, whether she’s lost her baby weight too fast or not at all, whether she’s allowed to have a six pack or not, not yet. This is crazy. Why mother’s belly is such a hot topic? Can we not leave that mother alone, stop gossiping, stop making her feel guilty regardless of what she’s doing. It seems it’s never good enough. When she’s big – that’s wrong, when she’s small – that’s wrong, when she trains – that’s wrong, when she doesn’t – that’s wrong. Whatever she does – that’s wrong…really?

Although I’m far from idealising skinny model bodies pushed by the media, I’m also far from the opinion that it’s ok to be overweight when you just had your baby. That this is ok to have dirty hair, wearing maternity clothes long after giving birth, stop looking after yourself all together and feeling miserable. And then complaining with other mothers how hard motherhood is, gossiping about the one who is passing you by with a jogging stroller. No, I’m not ok with this at all. 

I know how challenging motherhood can be, I know it’s a constant roller coaster when one minute you feel like a super hero, and the other crying your eyes out with powerlessness. I know it’s challenging to find time and energy.

I’m not saying that you HAVE TO be skinny, having six pack few weeks after giving birth or completing a marathon. However, you can if you want to, that it is possible. There’re mothers out there who make it possible. If you want to be one of them, take action. And if you don’t shut up and stop commenting on mothers who do take that action every single day. Maybe when she is exercising and sweating to burn that fat off, you’re sitting on the sofa with a box of ice creams, watching Netflix?

Respecting people is giving them a space to live how they want to live, to do what they want to do. There’s no one way of thinking, no one “right” way of motherhood. Mothers have the right to have big belly after having baby and mothers have the right to have muscular body and six pack as well. And they have the right to show it off, to wear those shorts, to post pictures about their races, to be proud of themselves, not guilty because someone may feel not good enough. They’ve been working hard to look the way they look or to accomplish their goals. 

I really dream about the world where everyone gives mothers permission to look after themselves, after their needs, to make themselves a priority. Where it’s normal for mothers to look after their bodies because body is a temple. If you don’t look after your body, you’ll have nowhere to live. I really dream about the world where healthy, active and happy mothers are not being judged but respected for being role models for their children and motivation and inspirations to the ones around.  

Are you with me?


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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

My mother, my role model, my friend, my hero. She taught me what’s important in life and had such a huge impact on who I’m today. I’m forever grateful for having her in my life.

Friendships need to be nourished

She always said that people are making our life beautiful, we can see the most wonderful places, do the most extraordinary things but if we have no one to share it with, we won’t enjoy it that much. Friendships need to be nourished, friends to be appreciated, so making time for them, to be together is huge. Some of my mother’s friends she met when she was a child and she still keeps those friendship. I’ve always admired her for this. She showed me what friends for life really mean.

Go and explore the world

I remember her saying “things you buy may not last long but places you see will stay with you forever “. She always found money for me to be able to travel. Thanks to her and my dad, I had the opportunity to see amazing places, tasting variety of cuisines, meeting wonderful people, discovering how wonderful this world is. She was so right, nobody can take those experiences from me. Ever

Do what you love doing

Even though not always she agreed with my choices, she’s never forced me doing it her way. She let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. She let me make my own decisions, even though her heart was saying the other way. She always believed in me and encouraged me to follow my passions and go for my dreams.

Respect education, work and money

She’s always told me to respect teachers and focus on my education. She’s paid for all extra courses I wanted to undertake, for my English lessons and now I’m living in English speaking country, having my business in English… She’s always told me to work with 100% commitment and do what I love doing. She’s always told me to respect money and be grateful for everything I already have. Life won’t give us more until we appreciate what we’ve got.

Have more than one child

She lost her parents in her early 20’s and at that time she made a decision to have another baby. She didn’t want me to grow up on my own. So, when I was 6 years old, my sister was born and I’m forever grateful for having her in my life. Our mother taught us to love each other, to respect each other, to always be there for each other.

My mother is the integral part of who I’m today and I can say that she’s done an amazing job. There’s a saying that you can’t choose your family, well, if I could I would still choose her as my mother, without a doubt.

My dearest Mother – Thank you for Life, Life – Thank you for my Mother.


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Secret Santa Is Running To Town

Each year my family is working hard to help more and more families through an initiative called Basket Brigade Polska. They started with 10 small hampers in 2011 and last last year, in 2016, they delivered over 500 hampers in Poland, of which 300 in my mummy’s home town. WOW !!!

Hello amazing people,

My name is Kuba, I’m a son of Alex & Lukasz and I’m 2 years young.

My life is great, I have a loving family, warm clothes, plenty of toys and tasty food in my tummy every day. I thought this is how all children live but my mummy and daddy told me that not everyone is so fortunate…

I can’t get my head around the fact that there may be no food in someone’s tummy…

So what my parents decided to do is to help those families with empty tummies, yeahhhh !!! and for the last 6 years together with my grandparents, uncles and aunties, they have been providing them with food for Christmas.
I heard that this is the most magical time of the year and everywhere should be a joy and laughter, not worries and struggle.

Each year my family is working hard to help more and more families through an initiative called Basket Brigade Polska. What I heard is that they were inspired by Anthony Robbins which I call uncle Tony 🙂 He is the man behind Basket Brigade.

My parents started with 10 small hampers with the total budget of £20.00 in 2011 and last last year, in 2016, they delivered over 500 hampers in Poland, of which 300 in my mummy’s home town. WOW !!!

My family is very active, they run, cycle, swim, train at the gym, teach fitness classes and they use it all to raise funds for those Christmas hampers.

This year alone my mummy Alex ran her 2nd Marathon in Berlin, daddy Lukasz and uncle Matt completed Rat Race and their first Triathlon, auntie Gosia and grandma Danusia completed few other running races in Poland and UK. Each time I supported them all, cheering up on the way. I don’t know how they’ve done it all…

That Rat Race, I heard was wet and muddy difficult…I’ve seen them after…they were more dirty than me after messy play 🙂

Auntie Gosia in her fitness club in Poland is organizing plenty of fitness challenges like INDOOR CYCLING or CROSSFIT which I have no idea what that is but I’m sure something not easy again.

And they are not done yet, there will be more running, dancing, lifting, jumping, even football game.

And FOR ME TOO. As a member of this family, I’m fully involved in Basket Brigade for the third time. This Sunday, 3rd December, I will be running with them in 10K Santa Run in London.

There is no way I can skip that, my sporty family requires that kind of action. I was training with mummy and I’m ready for this, just not sure if I can keep up with their speed…

I also broke my piggy bank (ciiii, don’t tell my parents) but there were only coins in there, so I guess it won’t be enough for 200 hampers…

However I have an idea, I know that there is a hope… I need YOUR HELP.

If you want to help my family making a difference again, please donate whatever you can in here: Basket Brigade Polska 2017

Every penny counts. Time is limited, we need all funds by 10th December the latest to order neccessary products.

You helped us last year and I believe that togehter we can reach our goal again.

And please share this post with your family and friends, so more people can help us, let’s go viral.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my baby heart <3


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Top Tips For Busy Mums

Being a mum is the most demanding job of all. Juggling kids, house, work, family, friends can be extremely challenging. And somewhere in between you want to find some time for yourself as well…

If you feel overwhelmed with the never-ending pressures that motherhood brings, just take a few minutes to sit down, breathe and read on the following tips:

1. Slow Down

Are you a perfectionist? Rushing around and trying to do as many things as possible at the same time can be exhausting. Give yourself a break and leave out some of the less important tasks. Come on would it matter if you put off the vacuuming until tomorrow? Sometimes all you need is just to sit down and do nothing…or going to bed early and get that sleep.

2. Build a Support Network

Do not try to do it all on your own. Ask for help – family members and friends will be happy to help you with babysitting, house cleaining, ironing and other neccessary stuff but you need to ask for it. If you don’t have family or friends around, go out and find people who can work as your support network. Try befriending mums in the playground or children centers, or join communities such as Net Mums, etc.

3. Make Time for You

Time for you is most likely the last thing on your priority list, but that’s not good. Not good for you, not good for the kids and not good for the ones around you. Without “ME” time, it’s easy to fall into a rut where you suddenly realize you’re not happy with your life. Ask your partner, family member or friend to look after the kids even if it’s just for a couple of hours once or twice a week, when you do something you want to do. Go for a run, read a book, have a bath. Join the gym, not only will you have some much-needed adult social time, you’ll also improve your health, well-being simply by exercising regularly.

4. Stay Active

Being fit and healthy makes life easier in so many ways. Regular activity will benefit your mind, body and spirit. You can do that on your own during ME time but you can also push it into everyday tasks with the kids. If you are walking with your child in the stroller, just stop in the local park and use the bench, tree or stairs to do few exercises. If your kids are older, do family exercises together like bike rides or short hiking trips. You can also walk or bike your kids to the nursery or school instead of driving them.

5. Keep a Positive Attitude

We’ve all had days when enough is enough, feeling like screaming at everyone around us. It’s easy to moan and complain when things are difficult. Take some time to do a gratitude exercise – write down all the things that you feel grateful for. Anything from little things that make you feel good (like a funny face expression of your child) to the big ones that make you feel touched (gratitude to parents for bringing you onto this world). Keep that list and add to it whenever you think of anything else and read it regularly. You can’t feel angry and grateful at the same time 🙂

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What’s The Secret To a Loving Relationship?

6 years ago I married a wonderful man, the love of my life, my best friend, and now daddy to our son. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and more fulfilling marriage.

People often ask us what’s the secret to such a happy and loving relationship, so let me share this with you. Few years ago we heard about a Marriage Code of Honour from the man by the name of Blair Singer. During one of his seminars, he shared with us that him and his wife created such a code of honour a long time ago and that is a foundation of their marriage. We loved the idea and decided to create one for our marriage. We got married in August and our code of honour was created in November that very same year.


1. We are together forever – there is no exit strategy – that is a Big One, the word “forever” sound like “only in the movies” and how can you say forever as you never know…yes but…if you are in a relationship with “that is forever” in your mind, there is completely different dynamics of that relationship, you behave differently, you just know that if there is no exit strategy, you need to do anything to make this relationship work.
2. We are BOTH fully responsible for how this relationship functions, we can create it the way we want to, if it’s not working – we made it that way

3. We never go to bed in the middle of argument; it’s sorted before we fall asleep
4. We never say bad things about each other to other people, anything related to us and our relationship we sort out between ourselves
5. We create our own rituals (like the way we answer the phone, we greet each other or our little dance)

6. We have a date once a month and quality time once a week
7. When we are apart – we are in touch every day
8. We say that we love each other every day and have a good night kiss

9. We trust each other, we know each other’s values and together we created values for our marriage
10. We are each other’s best friends, we love each other’s company and spending time together, we learn and grow together, we coach each other and hold each other accountable
11. We communicate – COMMUNICATION is key, it’s not about who is right but what’s right for the marriage

12. We believe that LOVE is not a noun (something that is or isn’t) but a VERB – when we love someone we DO certain things, we ACT and TREAT the other person in a certain way that they FEEL loved
13. We believe that we treat people how we see them – we see each other as Perfect, Wonderful snd THE BEST Husband and Wife and we say that out loud all the time

I want to wish my wonderful and the very best husband really happy 6th year Anniversairy, thank you for coming to my life and thank you for being in my life. I’m forever grateful for this. I love you very much <3

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Being a MUM…

Being a mum… is perceived as the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a woman. Everywhere we go we see adverts and pictures with happy mummies and smiley babies, emphasizing that motherhood is nothing but rainbows, joy, and happiness.



Being a mum… is not always as wonderful as we expected it to be…

Being a mum…is a giant roller coaster; one moment we’re feeling you’re on top of the world and the next moment we’re crying your eyes out feeling completely powerless!

Being a mum…is challenging, our human nature is tested to its limits. Sleep deprivation, constant feeding, and nappy changing, being busy all the time but, at the end of the day it looks like nothing has been done – but we are exhausted!

Being a mum…is repeating same things all over again and sometimes wondering whether our life is always going to be this way…

Being a mum…is neglecting our needs, our wants, our hobbies, our time to relax as we feel that there are just not enough hours in a day.

Being a mum…is sometimes wanting to run away in a place where no one (especially our child) can find us.

Being a mum…is then feeling remorse for even thinking that way, blaming ourselves for being a bad mother.

Being a mum…is lonely sometimes, with all those worries and insecurities playing in our head but feeling embarrassed to say them out loud…



Being a mum…is the most wonderful gift that we could ever get, it is indeed the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a woman.

Being a mum…fills up our heart and our life with unconditional love, the one that we never thought possible, the one we’ve never experienced before. Mother’s love for a child is unique, and it is the most beautiful.

Being a mum…is so much joy, laughter and having fun together.


Being a mum…is learning and growing every day to be a better mum, a better woman, a better person, to be the best role model for our child and the strong foundation for the entire family.

Being a mum…is going back to our childhood, playing like kids, singing kids songs, seeing the world through kids eyes and experiencing miracles.


Being a mum is…rewarding – watching the growth and development of our child, how from babies they become more independent, turning into a little boy or a girl and then into a man or a woman.

Being a mum… is melting our heart with the smile on our child’s face or him or her asking for a hug and saying “I love you, mummy.”


Being a mum…is finding that super power that you can rock the world, problems that existed before don’t seem so challenging anymore, things that we thought are impossible to sort out – now we do them easily.

Being a mum…is uncovering that inner strength, being able to fight for our child no matter what. If our baby is sad, crying, needs advice, help, we always come running, we are always there.


Being a mum…is feeling grateful for every single moment spent with our child, for every smile, for every touch, for every smell, for every word, for every question, for every play, for every dance, for every “mummy help”, for every “mummy look”, for every “mmmmuuuuummmmmmyyyyyy”

Being a mum…is changing life’s perspective, with now different priorities, values, beliefs.


Being a mum…is a miracle, how on earth is it possible to create another human being inside our body, how is it possible to give birth…to shape their character and prepare them to explore life’s journey…

Being a mum…is feeling appreciation to our mums, who brought us onto this world, went through every single challenge, every struggle, often we gave them a hard time but they stayed strong and shaped us into great adults. There are no words to describe how we admire you, now as being mums ourselves, so much more. To my best mum ever and all amazing mums – we thank you from the bottom of our heart.


Thank you, MUM, for giving me my life, thank you, MUM, for showing me life, thank you, MUM, for shaping my life, thank you, MUM, for being in my life.

Thank you my SON for coming into my life, thank you my SON for changing my life, thank you my SON for letting me show you life, thank you my SON for being in my life.

As a DAUGHTER and as a MUM I feel so grateful, you both are the world to me, and I love you both so much.

To All the Wonderful Mums out there – you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are enough, you are doing the most demanding job of all, and you are doing it so well. You are a hero to your child, and you need to be a hero to yourself. Never think otherwise.

Happy Mother’s Day


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