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  • want to professionaly prepare yourself for a job interview in English, so you shine in front of potential employers or recruiters?
  • want to learn the most common job interview questions and proven answers that actually work?
  • want to know insider's secrets that make a big difference, so you can stand out from competition?
  • want to know how to present yourself during a job interview, so they remember you and want you and only you?
  • want to increase your confidence and forget about anxiety for good, so you're not stressed mess during a job interview?
  • want to leave the competition behind, get the job of your dreams and change your life?

Great, You're in the Right Place 

As a career & confidence coach and expert with international experience I know what counts on a job market. Job interview is an exam and sales meeting at the same time. 

Your task is to convince potential employers, recruiters or headhunters to hire You and ONLY YOU. To prove that you're the only rational choice. The best choice. No brainer. 

I help you prepare for a job interview in English at the highest level. Together we'll cover over 20 most common job interview questions.

I'll teach you how to answer these questions in 4 critical aspects: content, language, sales and presentation. And how to answer using the STAR model. 

I help you address your limiting beliefs, so there's nothing out there holding you back. 

How does it work?

🎯 Before our meeting you get extra resources and instructions on how to prepare for our meeting, so you can maximize the time we've got together.

🎯 You'll get a list of over 20 most common job interview questions in English plus learn what questions you can ask during a job interview. 

🎯 You'll get my bestselling E-book: "Job Interview in English - Useful Phrases and Vocabulary" with Business English useful phrases and vocabulary, including ready to use templates.  All in one place. 

🎯 You'll get access to extra resources immediately after placing an order, you can open them on any device, all you need is internet connection.  

ALL you need to ACE 

your job interview

  • You'll find out what to say, how to say it, when to say it and what you absolutely need to avoid
  • You'll stop worrying that you don't know how to answer a question or if your answer is correct
  • You'll practice your answers out loud over and over again, so during the job interview it will be a piece of cake
  • You'll unleash your WOW factor, what differentiates you from other candidates
  • You'll learn how to speak about your achievements with pride and conviction
  • You'll learn proven system that you can use in any industry, for any position, in any language
  • You'll have a chance to practice with an expert and get professional feedback both from HR and English perspective
  • You'll save a lot of time, money and frustration to land your dream job, earn more, develop career, feel accomplished

Here's What You Get:


90 min Personalised VIP Consultation with Alex Grzybek (value £200 / 1000 PLN)

The most personalised, totaly dedicated to you - to teach you, correct you, give you professional feedback, make you believe in yourself and prepare you to stand out.


E-book: "Job interview Useful phrases & vocabulary" (value £20 /97 PLN)

With dictionary and ready-to-use templates with professional Business English vocabulary.  


List of over 20 job interview questions (value £10 /47 PLN)

Most common job interview questions, so nothing surprises you.

Total Value £230 / 1144 PLN


£127 or 650 PLN

(Choose your preferred currency)


  • 90 min VIP Consultation with Alex Grzybek 
  • E-book: "Job interview Useful phrases and vocabulary" 
  • List of job interview questions 
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  • Access to All Modules
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  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

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About Alex

Alex Grzybek - confidence & success coach, career and business mentor, host of Confidence Rockstar podcast.

I spent over 10 years in Ireland and United Kingdom, where I worked in managerial roles and started my business in English. I was responsible for recruitment processes in many industries in Poland and abroad, so I know what recruiters pay the most attention to and what counts on the job market. 

I help ambitious professionals believe in themselves and take careers into their own hands, so that their professional life is a source of joy and satisfaction.

I prepare candidates for job interviews in English and Polish at a high level. Thanks to this, they gain an advantage over the competition, get promoted, earn more and get the job they dreamed of and deserve.

Why am I different?

🔥 Hands on international experience  

🔥 Managerial roles in Poland, Ireland and United Kingdom

🔥 Recruitment in Poland, Ireland and United Kingdom 

🔥 HR insider’s knowledge + English language 

🔥 Career Coaching  

🔥 Confidence Coaching

🔥 Trained by the best coaches/mentors on the planet

🔥 Contact with English language on a daily basis 

🔥 Own business in English

🔥 Care about YOUR results

🔥 RESULTS! Hundreds of happy clients

What others say about working with me:

Got a job I dreamed of since I started my studies 

I got a job in a company that I had dreamed of since the beginning of my studies. And I started out not believing in myself and was even afraid to submit my CV. Thanks to you, I was perfectly prepared for my job interview in English and I believed that I could achieve my goals. I think it would not be possible without your knowledge, energy, support and positive attitude to each situation.

Magda Motyka

she shares little tips that make a huge difference

Alex prepares for a job interview in English at the highest level. She knows exactly what he is talking about and shares "little" tips that are of great importance. She is professional, knowledgeable, and at the same time friendly and funny. Of course, I got the job.

Marcin Grzeliński

you helped me believe in myself after months of rejections 

I got this job !!! You gave me a lot of self-confidence, you corrected all of my mistakes, helped me create powerful answers in English, but the most important thing is to believe in myself (!!!). After dozens of  interviews that I had over the last 2 months and constant rejections, I've started sabotaging myself and doubting all my skills. However, the last interview went brilliantly.

Ula Szela

It's about learning the system - what matters and what makes a difference 

I got a job I dreamed of! What’s interesting – my job interview was in German and our consultation was in English, which only confirmed that job interview preparation is not about learning specific phrases by heart. It’s about learning the system - what to say, how to say it in order to make a difference. Knowing this – is crucial and make you successful
in any job interview.

Joanna Buksak

New CV, invitations for job interview
and dream job 

Between May and December, I had only 2 job interviews, not successful. I found Alex and started from scratch. New CV with her help and magic happened, the phone finally started to ring. She prepared me for the job interview professionaly and helped me increase my confidence. I got a job! 

Agnieszka Kubiak

while most people in hospitality were still looking for a job I got great offer 

During lockdown I lost my job. You helped me believe that my English was not as bad as I thought, and that I could aim higher. With your help I got few offers within weeks.  While most people in hospitality were still looking for one, I got a great offer in marketing, with very good salary and I am in constant contact with foreign clients.

Ana Bat-Ulzii

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to have a job interview date set up to buy this package?

No, you don't need to have job interview date confirmed yet. You can purchase the package at this special price and we'll set up a date for our meeting once you get an invitation for a job interview. This is the most personalised support, I highly recommend to use it for a specific job interview. We'll laser focus on preparing you for that interview, however the system you learn will help youwith further interviews too. 

How much time do i have to use this consultation?

You have 6 months to use this consultation from the time you purchase it. If you need more time, please e-mail me on: and we'll discuss the options. 

What level of english is required?

As we discussed during the Masterclass - it depends on the position, job offer requirements and employer's expectations. I've worked with hundreds of clients, from different countries, from all walks of life, and different English level, and as soon as you have a drive and are commited to improve, we can make it work. 

How can I pay?

You have the option to choose your preferred currency - British £ or Polish PLN. Click on one of the buttons provided. Once you clink on the Payment in PLN - you'll have an option to pay by card or using Polish payment gateways (Przelewy24)


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