6 years ago I married a wonderful man, the love of my life, my best friend, and now daddy to our son. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and more fulfilling marriage.

People often ask us what’s the secret to such a happy and loving relationship, so let me share this with you. Few years ago we heard about a Marriage Code of Honour from the man by the name of Blair Singer. During one of his seminars, he shared with us that him and his wife created such a code of honour a long time ago and that is a foundation of their marriage. We loved the idea and decided to create one for our marriage. We got married in August and our code of honour was created in November that very same year.


1. We are together forever – there is no exit strategy – that is a Big One, the word “forever” sound like “only in the movies” and how can you say forever as you never know…yes but…if you are in a relationship with “that is forever” in your mind, there is completely different dynamics of that relationship, you behave differently, you just know that if there is no exit strategy, you need to do anything to make this relationship work.
2. We are BOTH fully responsible for how this relationship functions, we can create it the way we want to, if it’s not working – we made it that way

3. We never go to bed in the middle of argument; it’s sorted before we fall asleep
4. We never say bad things about each other to other people, anything related to us and our relationship we sort out between ourselves
5. We create our own rituals (like the way we answer the phone, we greet each other or our little dance)

6. We have a date once a month and quality time once a week
7. When we are apart – we are in touch every day
8. We say that we love each other every day and have a good night kiss

9. We trust each other, we know each other’s values and together we created values for our marriage
10. We are each other’s best friends, we love each other’s company and spending time together, we learn and grow together, we coach each other and hold each other accountable
11. We communicate – COMMUNICATION is key, it’s not about who is right but what’s right for the marriage

12. We believe that LOVE is not a noun (something that is or isn’t) but a VERB – when we love someone we DO certain things, we ACT and TREAT the other person in a certain way that they FEEL loved
13. We believe that we treat people how we see them – we see each other as Perfect, Wonderful snd THE BEST Husband and Wife and we say that out loud all the time

I want to wish my wonderful and the very best husband really happy 6th year Anniversairy, thank you for coming to my life and thank you for being in my life. I’m forever grateful for this. I love you very much <3

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