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Confidence Rockstar Podcast
Episode #9: How To Find Time For Yourself As a Busy Mother


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Welcome to 9th episode of Confidence Rockstar Podcast.

In this episode I’m talking about how important it is to look after yourself in your busy mama’s world and how to make it possible.

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Most women go through life looking after everyone around, having no time left to look after themselves. They feel tired, unfulfilled and pretty sad because they constantly neglect their needs and feelings. Especially mothers. With new arrivals to the family, their life is completely upside down and with time, they may feel that they lost their identity as women.

While it’s natural that there’re changes while woman becomes mother, it’s still crucial to look after yourself, as “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. If you don’t prioritise yourself, sooner or later you won’t be able to look after the ones around you.

So, how to stop this, how to find time and energy to look after yourself in your crazy, busy mama’s world?

Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • Why are we programmed to look after everyone else around us so much
  • Why do we constantly neglect our needs, and then wonder why we’re not fulfilled
  • What’s REALLY going on in mama’s world and why are we afraid to say it out loud
  • What’s “wrong with us” as mothers when sometimes we want to run away, where no one, especially our kids can find us
  • Why it’s crucial to talk about our feelings, to ask for support – there’s nothing wrong with you
  • How to get our identity back as a woman
  • How to make yourself a priority and why this has nothing to do with being selfish
  • 5 ways to find time to look after yourself in your busy mama’s life

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