Confidence Rockstar Podcast
Confidence Rockstar Podcast
Episode #32: Being Bold in Your Uncertainty with Kiki Stanton


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Welcome to 32nd episode of Confidence Rockstar Podcast.

In this episode I’m bringing amzaing guest Kiki StantonKiki is a heart-centered business and life coach. She’s worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief, general loss of fervor for every day life. She doesn’t believe it has to be that way. By working with her, her clients regain purpose, focus, clarity and reconnect with who they truly are. She brings together strategies and techniques to slow down to find calmness, clarity + focus on your wellbeing.

Kiki shares her story – beautiful yet challenging, that puts a different light on what success truly means. When you face cancer diagnosis your life turns upside down. You start to re-evaluate your values, goals, happiness and future… if there’s a future…

Her story and wisdom inspires us big time and forces to slow down, to stop and focus on what really matters.  

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Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • Kiki sharing her story, her country of orgin, her background, and her bumpy road to being in the place, where is she now
  • How the person with really successful corporate carrer can feel not good enough
  • What’s the difference between internal and external validation
  • Why she quit her high-paid job and started own business, when everyone around her she lost her mind
  • What happened when she was diagnosed with cancer
  • Why the road to life after cancer was much more difficult than beating cancer itself
  • What’s Kiki’s number one confidence tip
  • and much more…

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