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Confidence Rockstar Podcast
Episode #25: 7 Success Habits - Why Some People Get Results While Others Don't


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Welcome to 25th episode of Confidence Rockstar Podcast.

Have you ever wondered why some people get results and others don’t? Why some achieve their goals, reach their dreams, become successful in what they do, while others can’t make it? Is it fate, is it luck or maybe they were just born like that?

Why is that same people, going to same school, having same teachers, learning from the same books achieve different results?

Why someone after the same training takes action and another person is afraid of even thinking about it? 

Why some people have money, successful business, fulfilling relationship and live the life they love while others complain all the time?

In this episode I share with you 7 Success Habits that differentiate successful people. What they do, and what they don’t do that give them extraordinary results.

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Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • what trigerred me to record this episode
  • why some poeple are more successful than others
  • the power of the environment
  • 7 success habits that make all the difference:
  • #1 they know what they want
  • #2 they are proactive, they take action
  • #3 they take full responsibility for boths – successes and failures
  • #4 they don’t treat problems as problems
  • #5 they get up early and use power hour in the morning
  • #6 they look after, who they spend time with, what they read, listen to and watch
  • #7 they are disciplined

Here’s full story of my preparation for the marathon and the race day itself 

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