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Confidence Rockstar Podcast
Episode #21: How to Rock Most Common Job Interview Questions


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Welcome to 21st episode of Confidence Rockstar Podcast.

Job interview may be quite stressful experience but there is a way to reduce that level of stress. The more prepared you’re, the less stressed you’ll be. Job interview is an exam that you need to prepare for. It’s the same as with driving licence exam, or exams that you needed to pass at Uni, you have to to get ready. The better prepared you’re, the more confident you feel and you’ll be able to present that confidence in front of potential employer.

There’re many quesions that may be asked in a job interview and there’re ways on how to answer them.

In this episode I’ll focus on 5 most common questions from job interviews and will give you proven ways on how to respond, so you’ll rock that interview. 

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Here are some of the highlights of this episode:

  • what is a job interview and how to get ready for one
  • how to increase your confidence and reduce stress in a job intreview
  • question #1: “Tell me something about yourself”
  • question #2: “Why did you apply for this job”
  • question #3: “Why should we hire you”
  • question #4: “Why do you want to leave your current job”
  • question #5: “What are your strengths and weaknesses”

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