I have never been into running, really. I was getting a stich after few hundred meters and I found it boring anyway. Then, back in 2013 I decided to give it another try. During my 3rd run I’ve completed 10k which was quite impressive. I must stress here that I was not a couch potato, I was fit, have been exercising, teaching fitness classes, so my form was already good. I do not recommend doing 10k run if you’re just starting out… I didn’t have proper running shoes, so I bought them in and signed up for a half-marathon in a beautiful seaside of Bournemouth in 5 weeks’ time. It was quite a short notice but, with a good training plan, I knew, I could do it.

My first half-marathon was not just a physical challenge for me. I was also raising funds for a good cause. My chosen project was Basket Brigade, the initiative started by Tony Robbins over 40 years ago, where we prepare and personally deliver food hampers to families in need around Christmas and Thanksgiving. Inside the hamper there is a Christmas card saying: “This hamper is from someone who really cares about you. The only thing he asks is that you look after yourself in a way that you’ll be able to do something similar for someone else in the future”. Signed “A Friend

When I first heard about Basket Brigade in 2011, I was so touched and, together with my hubby, we decided to bring it to Poland. We started small with 10 hampers with a total budget of £20. Next year my sis and bro-in law got involved and we managed to do 20 hampers.

In 2013, I wanted to play a bigger game, so I set a target of raising £800 and my first half-marathon ever was a way to do it. I’ve managed to raise over £1100 and I was hooked for good – both into running and into expanding Basket Brigade in Poland. And yet, year after year we got stronger.

I run because I can. I’m fortunate enough to have 2 legs, 2 arms, being healthy, having food on the table, loving and supportive family but there are many people out there who don’t… I feel that’s my obligation to help the ones in need.

I believe that secret to living is giving and we’ve already experience magic many many times. What you give, comes back to you tenfold.

I didn’t realize that would have so much ripple effect… my family members went for it too…my sis, hubby, bro in-law, even my mum in-law – started running, completing first 10k, half-marathons, then marathons, triathlons, tough mudders, rat races… We do many races together, we keep motivating each other and holding each other accountable. Every year we go for a bigger challenge, training hard, pushing ourselves to the limits on race days but that’s where magic happens, right?

We decided that mission of Basket Brigade Polska would be combining healthy lifestyle with the idea of helping others, so each race and fitness challenge is for a good cause.

My sister got more and more of her friends involved too. They run, they train, take part in indoor cycling marathons, cross fit challenges in their local fitness club. All to help raise money for our Christmas hampers.

Each year as well, we manage to inspire more family members, friends and friends of friends who want to be a part of Basket Brigade, helping us change people’s lives for the better. Watching the transformation of those around us when they understand that the “SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING”, is unbelievable. Friends I haven’t seen for years, colleagues from primary or secondary school are coming with their kids to pack the hampers… Kids love it, they put their own toys inside the hampers hoping that “this little girl will love this teddy as much as I did”. It melts my heart.

Oftentimes the person who is touched the most is the one who delivered the hamper…That’s why this idea is so close to my heart.

I run because I can…

I run because I can inspire others to run.

I run because I can make a difference to a stranger who has no idea we’re coming.

I run because I can inspire others to make a difference too.

I run because I can see the transformation with people around me.

I run because I can…

If you want to support our Basket Brigade this year, please click HERE.

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