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"How to smash your next job interview in English and get a dream job" 

When: THURSDAY 28/04/2022 at 8pm (Warsaw time)

During this webinar you'll:

  • understand the differences between a job interview in Polish and in English and why employers in Poland often choose the latter
  • learn the most common job interview questions and proven answers in English, so that it does not end with "sorry, this time we've diecided to hire somebody else"
  • discover success formula how to overcome fear of a job interview in English and present yourself as a confident candidate who will get this job

The webinar starts in... 


Who runs this training:

Alex Grzybek - confidence & success coach, career and business mentor, host of Confidence Rockstar podcast.

I spent over 10 years in Ireland and United Kingdom, where I worked in managerial roles and started my business in English. I was responsible for recruitment processes in many industries in Poland and abroad, so I know what recruiters pay the most attention to and what counts on the job market. 

I help ambitious professionals believe in themselves and take careers into their own hands, so that their professional life is a source of joy and satisfaction.

I prepare candidates for job interviews in Polish and English at a high level. Thanks to this, they gain an advantage over the competition, get promoted, earn more and get the job they dreamed of and deserve.

What others say about the author

Magda Motyka

I got a job in a company that I had dreamed of since the beginning of my studies. And I started out not believing in myself and was even afraid to submit my CV. Thanks to you, I was perfectly prepared for my job interview in English and I believed that I could achieve my goals. I think it would not be possible without your knowledge, energy, support and positive attitude to each situation.

Marcin Grzeliński

Alex prepares for a job interview in English at the highest level. She knows exactly what he is talking about and shares "little" tips that are of great importance. She is professional, knowledgeable, and at the same time friendly and funny. Of course, I got the job.

Ula Szela

I got this job !!! You gave me a lot of self-confidence, you corrected all of my mistakes, helped me create powerful answers in English, but the most important thing is to believe in myself (!!!). After dozens of  interviews that I had over the last 2 months and constant rejections, I've started sabotaging myself

and doubting all my skills. 

However, the last interview went brilliantly.

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Free Online Webinar

"How to smash your next job interview in English and get a dream job"

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