Being a mum… is perceived as the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a woman. Everywhere we go we see adverts and pictures with happy mummies and smiley babies, emphasizing that motherhood is nothing but rainbows, joy, and happiness.



Being a mum… is not always as wonderful as we expected it to be…

Being a mum…is a giant roller coaster; one moment we’re feeling you’re on top of the world and the next moment we’re crying your eyes out feeling completely powerless!

Being a mum…is challenging, our human nature is tested to its limits. Sleep deprivation, constant feeding, and nappy changing, being busy all the time but, at the end of the day it looks like nothing has been done – but we are exhausted!

Being a mum…is repeating same things all over again and sometimes wondering whether our life is always going to be this way…

Being a mum…is neglecting our needs, our wants, our hobbies, our time to relax as we feel that there are just not enough hours in a day.

Being a mum…is sometimes wanting to run away in a place where no one (especially our child) can find us.

Being a mum…is then feeling remorse for even thinking that way, blaming ourselves for being a bad mother.

Being a mum…is lonely sometimes, with all those worries and insecurities playing in our head but feeling embarrassed to say them out loud…



Being a mum…is the most wonderful gift that we could ever get, it is indeed the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to a woman.

Being a mum…fills up our heart and our life with unconditional love, the one that we never thought possible, the one we’ve never experienced before. Mother’s love for a child is unique, and it is the most beautiful.

Being a mum…is so much joy, laughter and having fun together.


Being a mum…is learning and growing every day to be a better mum, a better woman, a better person, to be the best role model for our child and the strong foundation for the entire family.

Being a mum…is going back to our childhood, playing like kids, singing kids songs, seeing the world through kids eyes and experiencing miracles.


Being a mum is…rewarding – watching the growth and development of our child, how from babies they become more independent, turning into a little boy or a girl and then into a man or a woman.

Being a mum… is melting our heart with the smile on our child’s face or him or her asking for a hug and saying “I love you, mummy.”


Being a mum…is finding that super power that you can rock the world, problems that existed before don’t seem so challenging anymore, things that we thought are impossible to sort out – now we do them easily.

Being a mum…is uncovering that inner strength, being able to fight for our child no matter what. If our baby is sad, crying, needs advice, help, we always come running, we are always there.


Being a mum…is feeling grateful for every single moment spent with our child, for every smile, for every touch, for every smell, for every word, for every question, for every play, for every dance, for every “mummy help”, for every “mummy look”, for every “mmmmuuuuummmmmmyyyyyy”

Being a mum…is changing life’s perspective, with now different priorities, values, beliefs.


Being a mum…is a miracle, how on earth is it possible to create another human being inside our body, how is it possible to give birth…to shape their character and prepare them to explore life’s journey…

Being a mum…is feeling appreciation to our mums, who brought us onto this world, went through every single challenge, every struggle, often we gave them a hard time but they stayed strong and shaped us into great adults. There are no words to describe how we admire you, now as being mums ourselves, so much more. To my best mum ever and all amazing mums – we thank you from the bottom of our heart.


Thank you, MUM, for giving me my life, thank you, MUM, for showing me life, thank you, MUM, for shaping my life, thank you, MUM, for being in my life.

Thank you my SON for coming into my life, thank you my SON for changing my life, thank you my SON for letting me show you life, thank you my SON for being in my life.

As a DAUGHTER and as a MUM I feel so grateful, you both are the world to me, and I love you both so much.

To All the Wonderful Mums out there – you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are enough, you are doing the most demanding job of all, and you are doing it so well. You are a hero to your child, and you need to be a hero to yourself. Never think otherwise.

Happy Mother’s Day


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